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Architectural and engineering consultants have been in demand in Dubai and United Arab Emirates for the past few years. This rise in architectural engineering and sustainable architecture is fueled by the construction boom in the nation’s economy. This science and technology of designing buildings that improve our daily lives and enhance the living conditions of its occupants has been more than just a fad - it is a necessity. 

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The study, application and integration of combining different systems of a building like the electrical, lighting, structural, acoustics, electrical and fire protection is the core of architectural engineering. This is also known as building engineering. Because it balances the technological aspects with the environmental conditions  such as lighting, energy conservation, plumbing and HVAC. This type of architecture helps promote the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and construction of resilient buildings.

An engineering consultant who matches the structural functionality with ecological awareness in its appearance, then that person uses the principles of sustainable architecture. These principles revolve around energy efficiency, limit the buildings environmental impact, positive impacts on health and liveability, making the materials and space reusable.

What makes sustainable architecture important?

Focusing on sustainability not only means reducing energy usage and wastage. But also the relation of the building occupants’ lifestyle to the environment it is set up on. Some fundamental elements here includes shading, sunlight framed by pre-existing elements, shading, use of biomass, ventilation, and domotics and renewable energy systems or also known as  Ambient Assisted Living. It is basically a structure that contributes to the betterment of society and of preserving this planet earth. So you see using solar panels or putting up a greenhouse garden does not make any building sustainable. Its materials - and almost everything the construction used must be easily retrieved, recycled, reused and disposed of without any added pollution. 


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