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The cleaning company is every busy employee or businessman’s friend in maintaining their place hygienic. House cleaning or office cleaning services are a few areas of deep cleaning services that deal with furniture, rooms, office spaces, and homes. It is more than just the general tidying up usually done by housekeepers. Below are home cleaning services offered by most cleaning companies near me and in other countries.

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Simple house cleaning

Known also as basic home cleaning services include: cleaning the bathrooms including toilets, showers, and mirrors; Dusting; Mopping the floors in all rooms; Sweeping; Vacuuming; Cleaning the kitchen including wiping appliances, counters, sinks and cabinet doors

Sofa cleaning or Upholstery cleaning

This is offered by most cleaning companies because sofas and chairs accumulate a lot of dirt, dust, and grime embedded to their fibers, not to mention a lot of surface stains. Now some sofas have removable covers that can be washed in the washing machine. But if the chairs and sofas do not have removable covers, then suitable upholstery cleaning products are used by the building cleaning services to remove stains.

Mattress cleaning

A house deep-cleaning is not going to be complete without giving your beloved bed some careful attention. Common market do-it-yourself materials used for mattress cleaning are baking soda for getting the stains and dirt out. Essential oils for scent and anti-bacterial properties. Vacuum cleaner for sucking out the dust and particulates. Mattresses  are recommended to be cleaned every 6 months

Carpet cleaning

The most abused utility decoration in our places on the carpet. That is why it is advised to have it vacuumed at least once a week. Odors, spots, spills, solid retardants and stains are the elements a cleaning company with professional equipment and knowledgeable in special application techniques, are trained to remove. Wall to wall carpeting is cleaning using a vacuum, but sometimes it also needs to be paired with some serious window cleaning to really make the place spotless.

Now that you know what cleaning companies near me usually do. You also need to be aware of the things that professional cleaning services should not do, and if requested even for higher pay, they usually still do not do these following things: Tidying up before cleaning, cleaning human or pet discharge, run personal errands, do add ons like washing your clothes, lift heavy objects more than 16 kilos, climbing something just to clean or cook anything. You hired them as professional home cleaning services to just clean your place. They are not there to do your every bidding.