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Curtains, drapes, blinds, and shades. They come in all shapes and sizes. They are all window treatments that both cover and decorate our window interiors. But how do we really differentiate curtains and blinds from one another? Curtains for starters are fabric panels that are sole in pairs. They hang from a rod and can be paired with other window treatments. Decorated with metal or fabric rings, metal grommets or fabric sleeve. Since curtains are lightweight they are not entirely effective to block light off the room, because their fabric is not thick.

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Blinds, on the other hand, are being lifted up and down with a cord or some other lighting mechanism, just like shades. The material of blinds is made of either wood, aluminum, bamboo, vinyl slats, louvers because they can be tilt open to let the light in. The standard depth of stats for blinds are half-inch to one inch for mini blinds or a two-inch depth for the Venetian blinds. With this, they effectively block out the majority if not all the unwanted light entering the room’s windows. Horizontal blinds are commonly seen for bedrooms, kitchen, workplace, etc. while vertical blinds are mostly used in patio doors, etc.

We listed seven tips for choosing the right curtains for your abode

  1. Use curtain designs with plain or subtle patterns for smaller rooms to spark more creative interest. 
  2. Another purpose of curtains and blinds other than keeping out the glare of sunlight is to keep out the cold and moisture it brings. This protects your furniture from wear and tear. Plus curtains are warmer than blinds, so keep this in mind during cold seasons
  3. Be clear on what is the overall impression of your ambiance you want to achieve
  4. Which of the three do you prioritize more: privacy, aesthetics, or light control? Darker colored curtains block out sunlight more but may not play good on the aesthetics theme of your room
  5. Choose neutral tones of self prints to achieve sophistication. Choose colorful fabrics and bold textures to be more dramatic, but be careful because they make the room look smaller
  6. Be observant of the fabrics you will use in the bathroom, as you don’t want 100% linen curtains to grow mold. Since bathroom windows are smaller, choose plain or patterned sheer to allow as much light to enter
  7. Don’t forget to make your hanging rods match your room’s overall theme.


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