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Whenever we get our bulb busted or need an extra electrical outlet, we immediately take a trip down the electrical suppliers in UAE. These are stores licensed to sell wires, wire connectors, tools like fuse pullers and benders, Electrical suppliers in UAE also sell everything from AC and DC power supplies, batteries, lighting fixtures, electrical connectors, to testers, terminals, switches, and dimmers. Most of them usually also exchange items bought and returned within seven days and have no physical or water damage done from the buyer.

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If we have a major repair or renovation needed on the electrical network in our houses or buildings. Or maybe when we are planning to build a new building, that is the time we contact electrical contracting companies in the UAE. When a business organization or company do specialized tasks or construction work in relation to installation, design of an electrical system and maintenance of it; then that is the work of electrical contractors. This is applicable to a residential, commercial and industrial setting, and can work outside or inside a building. Unlike with regular electricians that cannot work on a power station. Electrical contractors require four years apprenticeship program. That is because they learn and need to master blueprints. Math, work safety, national electrical codes, and electrical theory.

Electrical contractors often get confused for or mistaken for an electrician. But they assume different jobs. An electrician is either employed by the electrical contractors or a personal tradesman. An electrician is licensed to work inside houses or buildings. Electrical Companies in the UAE are of different types depending on their skill specializations and services.

  • Line Electrical Contractors or outside contractors - Their work is located on the outer portion of buildings. This includes installing and maintaining high-voltage power transmission and distribution lines.  Outside contractors ensure the correct function of power plants and that they promptly distribute power to buildings and houses.
  • Inside Electrical Contractor - They are the electrical contractors that work on the boundary of a property. These people do the cabling, installation, rewiring, maintenance, and repairs on commercial, institutional and residential buildings.
  • Video electrical contractors/ voice/data - They are also called as Integrated Building System Contractors, because they work on low voltage installations, ensuring these are functional, energy-saving and efficient. These electrical systems include wireless networks, power controls, energy-efficient lighting, back up power, security systems, and fiber optics, etc.


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