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Lessors of a commercial building often construct empty square spaces, to let its tenants design and arrange the interior space in accordance with the usage or business of the tenant. The best people to call for this job are interior fit-out companies.  They are highly skilled and trained to convert your shell space rental, to cool and productive without interiors.

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Who are fit-out contractors?

Retail fit-out contractors are the professionals who help renovate a commercial tenant interior space suitable for occupation. Commercial fit-out contractors usually cater to new tenants of a new building who have rented “white box” or “shell” spaces, or to someone who takes over the space of previous tenant space, and now wants to renovate the empty space in relation to the new tenants’ business of office development. 

What is a white box or a shell core?

Commonly used in commercial building construction terms, a white box or a shell refers to a commercial building with a partially finished interior. It contains the essential parts or a structure like ceiling, main walls and concrete floors. 

Common inclusions in a white box or shell construction are base flooring, standard white walls, standard ceilings, HVAC, plumbing, restrooms, elevator and stairs for evacuation, adaptations to local building codes and constrictions.

What are the fit-out interiors?

Also known as Final Interior Decoration include the finishings and furniture to complete before a tenant utilizes or occupies the building space. This usually includes shelving, lighting fixtures, fittings, specialized flooring, customized ceilings, custom plumbing fixtures, walls customization, customized windows or fixtures, custom floors, custom or extra doors and room divisions.


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