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Making your business empire will not be complete without a good building to house it with. But doing your building’s construction by yourself entails a lot of time, sweat and good connections, to tap the experts you will entrust it with. Good thing we have general contractors. They are nature’s gift to companies and homeowners wanting to renovate or start their infrastructures.

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Our friendly neighborhood local general contractors are principal contractors that owns certain construction projects and they take care of providing the architectural design, materials, labor, equipment, structural engineering services, vehicles and tools needed for project construction. Usually, a general contractor company hires other specialized contractors to do portions, if not the whole construction work.

Roles and responsibilities of local general contractors

They hire and organize all necessary workers for the construction job. A general contractor company obtains necessary permits, schedule inspections, complies with all building codes and sees the project through to completion. They estimate how much a project will cost and offer a proposal to build, in the form of a bid to the company or person paying for the project. Most of them are also architects, engineers or seasoned experts in the construction field themselves. Because part of the requirements for general contractors is that they should be able to read blueprints, understand construction basics, able to estimate time, materials and number of workers, have good people and project management skills and of course honest and transparent.

General contractor services

Here are some of the general contractor's list of core services:

  • Design Creation - the pre-construction design stage like the architectural blueprint, structural enhancements, and other marvelous design ideas are proposed and handled by the local general contractors
  • Construction management - reviewing plans, budgeting, value engineering, competitive pricing and on-time construction delivery are included in this service
  • General Contracting - this is where the company suggests a lump sum of the prices they charge for delivering a project.  The general contractor will be the one to contact, oversee and manage the other subcontractors on the phasing of the construction
  • Maintenance and Repairs - this is similar to follow up and after-sales of a project. When after the initial project construction, there will be individual repairs needed to maintain the structure, the general contractor company can handle that too.

If you are looking for general contractors near me or some general contractors in my area, here are other general contractors list of services: Drywall or Framing, Plumbing, Electrical Services, HVAC, Clean rooms, Concrete for creations, and many others that a general contractor company offers.