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Some owners prefer their houses or offices built mostly in wood, while some are fans of stone works. Wood enthusiasts go to carpenter shops to scout for the best find.

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You see joinery and carpenter as two similar construction trades. A carpenter near me usually works on the construction site, doing wood fixtures and elements of an ongoing job or structure. A joiner is someone who joins together pieces of wood and lumber and produces more complex items in their workshops. They use fasteners, binders, and adhesives on more ornamental and lighter woodworks like pre-assembled furniture or fittings, in their own shop.  They are skilled at making doors, stairs and fitted furniture that is made off-site, because of the heavy machinery or specialized equipment involved.

A carpenter, however, constructs the timber on site. Their skills are focused on larger woodwork elements like stud work, floors, and fitted roof trusses on-site. They cut, fit, and assemble them together using various tools to create a framework of a structure. A carpenter near me uses light, small tools that make them flexible for working on-site construction especially on high buildings or underground.

You’re curious about how will you know if you should hire a joiner or a carpenter for your next project. We suggest that the best way is still to ask them their specialty directly. One easy way to differentiate them is that joiners do not commonly use nails in most of their work. Joiners use time-consuming techniques to seamlessly “join” together with their work. This is required to make their craftsmanship of smoother quality, thus producing more expensive products.

Carpentry and joinery are both highly skilled crafts that share many traits, yet belong to different trades. If you need a carpenter near me , a joiner or a carpenter to fix your place, check our professionals listing page.