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Who wouldn’t love coming home to the smell of freshly baked pie and relaxing in the spacious comforts of lovely kitchen design? Then soaking in the bubble bath for an hour. Dream of bathroom design and kitchen remodel no more! We are here to help you plan out your latest kitchen and bathroom renovations.

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Top Kitchen Design Styles that never grow old

  1. Country Farmhouse - Turn your kitchen to a country getaway every day with farmhouse tables and furniture-like cabinetry, painted in aged times of cream and pale yellow. Mix it all with a choice of primary red, yellow or blue and add some eclectic finishes and you got a middle suburbia theme.
  2. Modern - Minimalist, sophisticated and sleek is the vibe of this kitchen design. It boasts of high-tech materials and reflective surface materials cover most areas of this style.
  3. Cottage Charm - If you are a collector or an art enthusiast, then this kitchen remodel design is perfect for you. The cottage charm looks best in white or retro colored high-end appliances.
  4.  Contemporary – If you are the casual and polished type of guy or girl, you should be excited about this kitchen and bathroom renovations that use a mix of old and new materials. Durable seats and lots of open space make this kitchen design perfect for large get-togethers.
  5. The Mediterranean or French Country - Sun kissed colors, time-worn surface finishes, rich tones of cobalt, russet and ochre. The copper pots, rush seats  Warm-toned wooden cabinets, handmade ceramics and rough-hewn textures that scream pure romance. Your guests will be feeling like dining in a small hotel in France while you are the Contessa of your own villa.
  6.  Coastal – the cool shades of white, blue, green and sand set the mood for this vacation-themed kitchen and bathroom renovation. With its floorings and fabrics designed to stand up to wet swimsuits, this easy to clean kitchen design is great for places near a body of water.
  7.  Old World – History, craftsmanship, and luxury all seen in the dark mahogany finishes and heavy fabrics of this style. Top it with detailed carvings, bull-nosed edged countertops, ogee counters, lined with stone or wooden floors.
  8.  Traditional – Ah the perfect kitchen backdrop we see on family movies every Christmas or Thanksgiving. The cupboards with panel or glass doors, white tiles, and icebox hardware are a prominent look. Finishing it with vintage-look or artisan light fixtures, and of course that turkey or ham to complete the dining table.

4 favorite bathroom styles that never grow old


  1. Country Rustic – Nature lovers, here’s the bathroom design for you. Boasting both beauty and functionality, nature’s beauty is shown in the rustic timbers and stones for the mirrors, floorings and other vintage finishes. The simple yet conscientious standing bath area is a center of this style.
  2. Opulent Master bathroom – Extravagant metallic textured details, specially shaped bath rubs, marble finishes, bath side tables, and timber floorings combine to add luxury to this indulgent style
  3. The function is King – In a room so highly used daily, the flooring needs to have little to no slippage. Adequate storage areas and a good amount of space are the pillars of this design.
  4. Industrial –Exposed brick walls, uncovered water pipes, no embellishments, and metallic finishes. Edgy, chic and raw best describes this look and presumably its homeowner.

Which of the abovementioned kitchen design and bathroom design will you most likely consider for your next kitchen and bathroom renovations? Leave your comments below, we want to know how we can help in your kitchen remodel.