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Good steel and metal suppliers are the backbones of construction. The industrial metal is needed in almost any and every structure, building, and the house being constructed nowadays. These are used for roofing, water pipes, windows, plates for highways, tubing, trailer beds, bridges, decoration, and other various purposes. This is partly because of the characteristics of metals. They are malleable yet hard, durable, strong, ductile and shiny, plus they make good electrical and thermal conductors.

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Metal steel companies focus on selling carbon steel, as they are an alloy of carbon and iron. They also sell different grades of steel, depending on the alloying material used. Whether it is tungsten, chromium, or manganese; they determine the tensile strength and other properties of the industrial metal. But are steel and metal really one and the same? They look and feel the same. Their terms have been used interchangeably so much, that the world often thinks it is just one element enjoying two names. But it is not. Steel and metal are two different things. 

Let us help you shed light on this matter. Steel is mostly used as a construction material. The structures called: “metal buildings” or “steel metal buildings” are often built of steel. Remember those skyscrapers and high rise buildings? Yep, your guess is right. Steel is an iron alloy with varying amounts of carbon, therefore it is not a pure metal element. But only a variation of iron, metal and nonmetal carbon. Impurities like sulfur, silica, and phosphorus must be removed only then carbon can be added.

Metal on the other hand is an chemical outcome of different fuscible, ductile, opaque and lustrous substances. It is an element therefore you can find it in the periodic table like nickel, titanium and copper. Metal steel companies, steel and metal suppliers are aware of these industrial metaldifferences, and they can therefore guide you on which material can be of better use to your project.