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Painters are very in demand due to the heavy influx of remodeling fit-out spaces and new buildings being constructed. Interior painting services near me are popular with houses and offices. While wall paint can be done by a well-known painting company or a professional artist with a creative hand and eye for a good paint job.

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Definition of paint

According to Wikipedia and most dictionaries, paint is any pigmented liquid, liquefiable or mastic composition that, after application to a substrate in a thin layer, converts to a solid film. Whoa, that is a handful to say. In other terms, good interior painting services near me will not only beautify your place, but it will also protect your walls, roof, beams, columns - basically your whole structure.

Kinds of paint

Now that we know that paint is a mixture of certain color pigments and a binder. Let’s see the common binders used on paints. Water is a common binder used in latex and acrylic paints or also known as water-based paint. A mineral liquid or spirit is used in solvent-based paints. While specialty paints can also use a thinner for binding.

Many painting companies who offer interior painting services near me or wall painting uses one or a combination of the six types of interior wall paints.

  1. Matte Paint - this is the most common color of interior wall paint because it is easy to apply with a brush or roller and covers wall imperfections very well. . It has no shine nor sheen so it does not have any fancy distractions.
  2. Matte Enamel - similar to matte paint but is more durable therefore rarely needs retouching. It’s best for kitchen walls because it’s much easier to clean and wipe.
  3. Gloss paint - this is the shiniest of all the paint finishes, therefore it takes the longest to dry and almost highlights all the imperfections. Mostly used of walls and surfaces due to its high shine.
  4. Semi-gloss - more commonly used on trims rather than walls because it gives a hard finish good for heavy use and easy cleaning. Shines less than a full gloss paint but is good for single coat covering.
  5. Satin - this finish has a low, soft sheen that is somewhere between matte and gloss. It needs regular cleaning but not good for a wall with imperfections.
  6. Enamel - sometimes known as eggshell finish. Easy to apply, covers well with a single coat and has an extremely subtle finish.

The many varieties of paint and wall painting require us to contact a professional painting company or the interior painting services near me Check them here in Buildeey