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The construction industry has much work that require diverse skills. Let us take surveying for example. It is a profession and science used to identify the three-dimensional positions of points, angles, and distances between these terrestrial points. This is crucial to make maps, establish legal boundaries for real property ownership, locations, transportation, building corners and a lot more. It requires a combination of elements of geometry, physics, engineering,  trigonometry, and law. Here are some major divisions of surveying jobs.

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A quantity surveyor in Dubai is a construction professional who uses expert knowledge on the costs and contracts of construction. They conduct feasibility studies to estimate material, labor and time costs. They coordinate the different aspects of the work effort. They prepare, negotiate and analyze costs of the contracts and tenders. They can also advise on legal and contractual issues, overseeing the work completion and the arrangement of payments. 

On the other hand, a residential building surveyor is a professional that is an expert to assess the condition of residential property then provide a fair and impartial report to their client. Residential building surveyor has been trained to diagnose and pinpoint residential property defects to be reported to buyers, and refer corresponding specialists who can deliver necessary repairs. A home condition survey can be used as a good assessment tool here. It is a non-invasive questionnaire used to go through a checklist of have-to’s on residential properties. It is meant to help prospective home buyers protect their property investments.

A land surveyor is an expert in determining boundary lines and prepare sites for construction. This is essential to prevent future legal disputes. They make accurate measurements that determine the boundaries of a property. The data a land surveyor provides will contribute to identifying the contour of an earth’s surface and shape important for map making, construction, and engineering projects.

You can now differentiate quantity surveyor in dubai, land surveyor and residential building surveyor from each other’s scope of support. For more construction experts, check out our professionals listing page.