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Turnkey contractors are professional contractors that engage in construction contracts, under which the turnkey general contracting. The turnkey contractor is obliged to finish a project in accordance to the prespecified criteria for a price that is fixed at the time the contract was signed. This is one of the special facets of doing international business.

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Scope of turnkey companies

Turnkey companies agree to fully design, construct and operate a business/ manufacturing/ service facility before turning over the turnkey project to the new owner when it is ready for remuneration. The concept of Design, Build and Operate (DBO)  or Build, Own Operate and Transfer (BOOT) are examples of turnkey projects which are foundations of turnkey contractors near me.

Let us define a turnkey product

It is a service or product designed, supplied, built or installed fully complete and ready for operation. It implies the end-user or purchaser only needs to “turn a key”, and they will be able to start using the product, service or project. This is usually paired with turnkey solutions, to help implement this into an easily applied business process.

A widely adapted turnkey project example that we see on a daily basis, are government-owned public mass housing projects.  A private turnkey company usually a real estate developer, undertakes all necessary steps to producing the mass housing project. It includes but is not limited to land purchases, acquisition of permits, plans, house construction and then the turnkey contractors sell the finished project to the land housing authority.


Three major advantages of turnkey constructions

  •   Everything in one roof  - One team concentrated on one project for the length of it, means minimal liability to deliver and maximum quality results given on time. No hassle of commissioning different experts from different fields.
  •   One contract -  No multiple contracts, therefore, no ocean of paperwork or piles of folders to clutter your office. No keeping of long contact lists of different workers anymore, since you only need to contact one – the turnkey company.
  •   No extra or surprise expenses. – Since turning turnkey general contracting charge one fixed price at the time of contract signing, you can save yourself – and pocket – from ghost expenses.

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