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Being in the construction business, we are faced with the dilemma on which flooring type to use on the clients’ buildings and houses. It is better if you can show these different types of wood flooring to your valued clients, to help them decide better.

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Qualities of a parquet flooring

Derived for the root word which means a small compartment in French, this has more of a decorative effect on the floor with its geometric mosaic of different wood pieces. Another popular choice in wood flooring, parquet flooring patterns are for most times entirely angular and geometrical, sporting squares, triangles, and lozenges but may occasionally include some curves here and there. It also has a retro feel as this design started to gain followers back in 1079’s-80’s.

Qualities of a wood flooring

A type of flooring material that is manufactured from timber and designed for aesthetic or structural use. One of the most common choice for indoor floors; wood flooring typically consists of an array of joists or trusses, at a measured spacing sheathed with wooden panels on the surface.  The primary support of the wood flooring framework is formed by the beams and made by joining different wood pieces. Pine is a common example of this for those who are working on a budget. 

Qualities of a  laminate flooring

Laminate flooring also is known as floating wood tile in the United States, is a variation of wood flooring because it is made from pressed wood. It is a multi-layer synthetic flooring product fused together via the lamination process and has a clear protective layer on the top surface, thus the name laminate flooring came from how it was made. This type is susceptible to warping, stains from steady water and cannot be refinished like hardwood. It is more affordable, easier and faster to install plus it can last an average life span of 15-25 years.

Qualities of a hardwood flooring

More solid, durable and expensive than wood flooring, hardwood flooring is a preferred choice for most luxury houses. Coveted for its natural beauty, color and shine that is gained from the real wood, hardwood flooring is a real stunner in houses. Maple, cherry, and oak are recommended for structures with busy foot traffic because they are more durable than others and have that long-lasting look any floor needs; thus making it more pricey than its counterparts.

Qualities of an engineered wood

A material made from a range of derivative wood products or scraps of lumber or sawdust, that is manufactured by binding strands, particles, veneers, fibers or boards of wood together with the use of adhesives; making it durable and better than solid hardwood in dealing with moisture. Other names known for this material are timber, composite wood, man-made wood or manufactured boards.

Choosing an engineered wood flooring for your place is a material that can be composed of layers of plywood,or a thin slice of actual hardwood on top of a base of high quality plywood making it one homogeneous product from top, sides and bottom. Its thickness ranges from 3/8 inch to ½ inch. This type gives the homeowner the luxury of a real hardwood flooring, but is also easier and faster to install compared to parquet flooring.