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Omran Tower - Sharjah - United Arab Emirates


Al Andalus is a global maker, provider and installer for neighbourliness gear. With our, over 15 years’ experience, we give our customers the most abnormal amount of administrations and backing for new and existing frameworks, from configuration stages up to after deal.

Our customer's rundown incorporates inns, workplaces, banks, schools and others. Our items are an assortment scope of: furniture, window ornaments, flooring surfaces, lighting frameworks, wise across the board card frameworks "door hindrance, get to control, electronic lock, control sparing", ironmongery, safe boxes, smaller than normal bars, washroom frill and individual consideration luxuries.

Al Andalus is the selective merchant for the German organization KarbenTec GmbH in the Middle East.

Services offered:


·         FURNITURE

·         LOCKS

·         ENERGY SAVER

·         DND

·         SAFE BOX

·         MINIBARS





  • design
  • Decor
  • Access Control System
  • Furnitures
  • Hotel
  • Locks


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