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Glass Works Contract Services

Characterizing the nature of straightforwardness that mirrors our flawlessness, Al Baraa releases you to its colorful arrangement of glass contracting. Be it for your business space where you need your outside to hypnotize the world with its sparkling surface or your home to light up with an unmatched complexity, we let the choicest best coming up for you.

In the heap glass work contracting administrations that we have secured, you can perpetually pick the best plan, style and quality. To make things simpler, our effectual establishment group can go with you and fix your new glass surface. Their generous involvement in the field, give us the solidarity to guarantee a quality that can outperform the benchmarks of Glass work administrations.


Since the most recent couple of decades, AL Baraa has remained as an uncommon administration deliverer, regardless of whether it is for outside structures, inside plans, refined wooden deck, or MEP and sun oriented administrations, we guarantee to utilize the best quality and advancement, that you are probably not going to discover anyplace else. Having said that, our group of assorted ability invites you to have us decorate your business and individual space, and love the look!


Al Baraa offers unlimited designs and combinations of woods to fire the wildest imaginations:
• Medallions
• Borders
• Tiles
The woods we use are not limited to local stocks. We have access to the world’s richest and most diverse forests while maintaining ecologically friendly management techniques. Some of the many woods that we use for our exquisite marquetry are:
1. Cherry
2. Maple
3. Walnut
4. Beech
5. Mahogany (Acajou and Sapelli)
6. Iroko
7. Dousie
8. Afrormosia
9. Burma Teak
10. Amarante (Purpleheart)
11. Padauk
12. Bulnesia
13. Tetekon
14. Wenge
15. Ebony (Black)
16. White Oak
17. Red Oak
18. Ash
19. Sandalwood
20. Zebrano



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