We at the M.A.H.Y. Khoory Group follow our roots back to the 1930's, when Dubai was nevertheless a youthful player in the matter of universal exchange. On account of its key topographical favorable position, Dubai was relentlessly advancing into a significant exchange center point, moving individuals and assets over the world. The M.A.H.Y. Khoory Group of today is pleased to be among the not many who had an impact in the change of Dubai, having set up the principal office of M.A.H.Y. Khoory and Co. to clear the way for the mechanical upheaval in the Arabian world.

With its focal area on the world guide, Dubai was before long transforming into a center point for speculations and organizations. As the emirate progressively developed at an unfaltering pace, so did the requirement for framework arrangements. M.A.H.Y. Khoory and Co, at that point assumed a spearheading job in presenting propelled water-siphoning advancements in the UAE, permitting structures, processing plants and different establishments to remain keeping pace with worldwide principles for water-siphoning arrangements.

Our people at M.A.H.Y. Khoory and Co. worked nonstop to procure creative brands to further improve its arrangement of exceedingly progressed mechanical arrangements. Our organization with Grundfos upset water-siphoning arrangements in the nation. A decades-old organization, Grundfos and the M.A.H.Y. Khoory Group keep on working firmly together in bringing items and arrangements that are significant to the UAE


Our Services:

  • Trading Division
  • Project Sales
  • Channel Sales & Exports
  • Electrical Division
  • Service Division
  • Manufacturing Division
  • Union Paper Mills
  • Al Dhafra Paper Manufacturing
  • Senan Industry
  • Al Khoory Engineering
  • Recycling Services
  • Al Dhafra Waste Management
  • Al Etihad Waste Management
  • Green Arabia
  • Recyclable & Waste Management
  • Hospitality
  • Pearl Marina Hotel Apartments
  • The Market Restaurant
  • Logistics
  • Green Land Transport



  • Industrial
  • Hospitality
  • Projects
  • Marine
  • Management


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