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Industrial elements is our passion. In the year 1981, the assignment started out with heavy equipment materials such as air compressors and lubricating equipment thru a small shop based in Abu Dhabi. It used to be difficult these days to make certain the nice as the conversation wasn’t speedy ample as in contrast to now. But, the organisation saved simply one coverage all through the span, “do moral enterprise only, so that the patron would always come back”. And so say our tagline- “where great matters”

We, at Al Mawarid, with its pioneer provider and merchandise have grown to a higher level now. The serving industries developed to oil and gas, construction, dewatering, piling and many more.

products and services :

•metal fabrication
• The serving industries developed to oil and gas
• dewatering
• piling and many more



  • engineering
  • construction
  • metal industries


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