As a division of the City of Charleston Department of Planning, Preservation and Sustainability, we are the City's in-house structure studio, however we likewise work to develop structure perfection in the network and set desires for the city's advancement. Our Moto ,"For the Common Good", mirrors our regard for open intrigue; the welfare and prosperity of the overall population. We acknowledge setting and how individual structures can influence the more noteworthy entirety.

Our more extensive vision is a Charleston with outstanding city life for all occupants. This vision goes past style, and relates straightforwardly to monetary advancement, transportation, lodging, parks, entertainment, and the general eventual fate of Charleston as an evenhanded, upbeat and sound city.

The Design Division works cooperatively in a studio situation that grasps innovativeness and development, while remembering the genuine and saw limitations of undertakings. Notwithstanding customary workshops and different gatherings, we utilize the National Charrette Institute model to direct credible plan charrettes.




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