Improvement, Research and Urban Planning Consultants is an individual from Fujairah National Group claimed by H.H.Sheikh Saleh Mohammed Hamad Al Sharqi,

the displayed pictures are having a place with the tasks have been structured By DRU and all are copyrights©


To the extent we are assuming the job of the guide for every one of our customers, DRU is shaped of a group of exceptionally qualified staff with encounters extending somewhere in the range of 6 and 25 years inside UAE, Gulf Region, and the Middle-East.

We are in the blink of an eye going to build our head tally from the present dimension of 25. This is incompletely a direct result of the expanding interest for our administrations in Fujairah for the energizing new advancements.



  • creative
  • design
  • Fit Out
  • Decor
  • Interactive designs
  • Design and drafting
  • Interiors


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