Eagle Star Metallic Furniture Industries LLC is an authority maker of great tempered steel furniture for the Medical and Hospitality space. Our items are advanced by all around experienced and talented experts having strong demonstrated reputation in household and global markets. Hawk Star is a spearheading association that plans, make, introduces and keeps up restorative and friendliness related furniture to customers found everywhere throughout the Middle East, South Asia, Central Asia and African landmasses.

Set up in 2003, Eagle star gives customized administrations to the restorative and cordiality business as far as treated steel hardware manufacture and supply. Today, our mix of understanding, exacting tender loving care and spotlight on individual customer needs is prime in the Industry. These characteristics spots Eagle Star in a special position to create and introduce made, just as uniquely designed hardened steel furniture and hardware for an undertakings.

As a main producer and provider of medicinal furniture in the GCC, India and African mainlands, we pride ourselves on our capacity to offer a genuinely close to home and solid support of our customers. We have practical experience in giving superb items to our customers which are hand crafted utilizing the most recent innovations and assembling procedures. We are equipped for taking care of colossal tasks and consistently ensure

The best quality alongside focused costs.

quick conveyance terms and after deals administration

Timeliness underway according to the structures and the details required by our customers with guarantee.

We offer a thorough scope of tempered steel arrangement items. We present a wide arrangement of local and business kitchen arrangement to meet the various needs of our customers.

Our structure and assembling division is entirely adaptable and obliging with regards to fulfilling the changing needs of our client; whatever the client requires, we convey. We pursue exacting assembling methods which pursue the ISO quality administration framework. You can be guaranteed that each item that leaves the bird star product offering will have the most astounding an incentive for your venture.



Project Management
Our team of highly specialised employees with tonnes of experience in their resume will ensure that your project is handled from the initial stages to the final completion through careful usage of a step by step process. For any project to succeed, it is necessary to create a plan – a plan consisting of the goal and objectives, task identification, allocation of resources, budget and timeline. No project can get off the ground without the plan, the next thing is to implement the project while simultaneously operating the right controls and mechanisms to gather accurate data and set up a recovery system. We take a holistic approach towards managing the project – taking into account every small and take nothing for granted – because of this dedication, we always ensure impeccable finish.

Customized Products
Our products are shining quality and will attract you because of its sheer beauty. Because of our vast experience in the manufacturing industry, we are able to come up with innumerable designs of all shapes and sizes that are durable and low maintenance. We have this tremendous capacity for customization, articulating your visions into tangible versions of the ideal kitchen and healthcare equipments that seamlessly fit into the space you’ve dedicated for our business. This is a bona fide guarantee of ours.

Installation Team
Imbued with a spirit of commitment and building lasting relationships, we move ahead with the promise of a brighter future for our customers. Our installation team is the crux of our interaction with the customers, their succinct and articulate instructions makes it smooth for the customers to learn the operation of the products after we have already installed it without any hassle. Our carefully constructed methodology is perfect to a fault and will deliver efficient results instantly.

After Sales Support
We always have everything in reserve, be it the tiniest of screws to entire sections, our crew of experienced technicians will take fix the issue in no time at all.



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