Galperti Middle East FZE

Jebel Ali - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Officine Galperti was established in 1921 and the principal items that were produced in the industrial facility at Bellano were basically little agrarian apparatus and parts cast for the state railroads.

From that point forward, improvement has ceaselessly advanced and the approach of the concoction and petrolchemical ventures in the 1950's directed to a broadening of creation with the presentation of spines and the end of the first line of items.

The requirement for space saw the organization compelled to move to Dervio, and this was an underlying significant advance towards improvement. The expansion sought after and the solicitation for progressively complex new materials features the on-going requirement for innovative improvement, accomplished by putting resources into the heater and mechanical work with the establishment of cutting edge generation lines.




  • Mechanical excavation
  • Steel
  • Metal works


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