At the point when Frank Hornby made the main Meccano unit in 1898, he gave inquisitive children all over England development sets that let them investigate the standards of mechanical building. Utilizing metal stray pieces, youthful scholars could work with boundless potential outcomes. 

Over the lake in the U.S., Alfred Carlton Gilbert designed Erector in 1913. Enlivened by the braces raised to help new electric railroad lines, Gilbert made structure sets that gave children all that they expected to develop their own smaller than usual urban communities. 

From that point forward, a portion of the world's most persuasive designers, disruptors and trend-setters have utilized Erector and Meccano units to breath life into their first manifestations. 

Presently, Erector and Meccano are assembling together, joined under the Spin Master Ltd. Family. With a solid heritage behind us, Erector by Meccano is planning S.T.E.A.M. development sets for a totally different age of designers, inquisitive about science, innovation, building, expressions and math. 

Our main goal? To give the present youthful personalities the apparatuses to turn out to be tomorrow's trailblazers. 

Erector by Meccano: Invent what's to come.


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