The Thermal Ceramics business of Morgan Advanced Materials has the capacity to supply brilliantly designed warm and fire insurance protection answers for a wide assortment of enterprises and market parts. At Thermal Ceramics we bridle the creativity, energy and skill of our designers to seek after evermore propelled fired protection arrangements. We offer market driving items, for example, warm administration protecting Fibers, Firebricks, Monolithics and Microporous in spite of the fact that it is our coordinated methodology, which fuses configuration, production and establishment which truly separates us. Any place you are on the planet, the Thermal Ceramics business of Morgan Advanced Materials worldwide system of workplaces and assembling offices guarantees that you will be given the most elevated amounts of administration and backing, all through the improvement and acquiring of your protection arrangements.


·         Fibre Products

·         Microporous Insulation

·         Firebrick and Insulating Firebrick

·         Monolithic Refractories

·         Heat Shields

·         Fired Refractory Shapes and Crucibles

·         Structural Block Insulation Products

·         FireMaster Products




  • Fired bricks and clay blocks
  • Fire System


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