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Oasis Metal Manufacturing LLC - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Here at Oasis Metal we trust that our philosophy, “Strength thruPerformance”, is the proper way to meet our customer’s expectations. It was once solely in 2006 that we first started out industrial production and we trust that our speedy increase because then indicates that our customers agree with our philosophy too. By providing our customers with a product and service that is high “performance” we have won the “strength” to build a world customer base in a very quick time.

Our products are used in many one of a kind industries such as oil and gas, power, water, mining and construction. Supplying to such a various range of industries has required us to adapt our working strategies to meet the distinct wants of our customers in every industry. two From the smallest trader to the largest oil employer we usually supply the equal excessivefirst-rate product and service to everyone. two From our Sales Engineers who take care of enquiries proper thru to our Logistics group who pack and supply our gratings, our company is crammed with qualified and skilledexperts who do their exceptional to aid our clients with the service they need.

Located in Dubai, our contemporary factories are outfitted with excessivevelocity manufacturing strains that have been consistently upgraded to make certain that we comply with all global manufacturing standards. By making sure we understand and attain the great standards of any market that we enter, we have given our customers the self belief to let us export our grating to them wherever they are. two From the United States acrossEurope, Africa, the Middle East and into Asia, you will locate our products in almost every nook of the world.

Based on our ride to date we recognize that by way of focusing on qualityand provider we absolutely do exhibit our “Strength through Performance” to our current customers. two It is our commitment to this philosophy that we consider will allow us to proceed to effectively introduce Oasis Metal to new markets and new clients in the years to come.



  • Scaffolding
  • Metal works
  • steel fabrication
  • metal industries


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