Our history is the tale of our voyage. Also, we've experienced an adventure of investigation, disclosure, and wonderment; a voyage that has been pleased and productive, from its unassuming beginnings to the confounding statures we've scaled en route. To follow the starting points of this adventure we should track back to 2007. This was when Opal had recently started to think about worldwide quality standards. Yet, even at its incipience, the organization consistently demonstrated the possibility to pioneer another trail.

Today, as we represent over 15% offer in the U.A.E Landscaping and Irrigation showcase, we are planning to make new raids, set off on new campaigns into the universe of Landscaping and Irrigation. In any case, before we look to the future, let us have a look into the past.


  • Design and Architecture
  • Construction
  • Planting
  • Arborist
  • Maintenance



  • Landscape
  • Landscape Architect and Gardening Design


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