Regency Group Of Companies. At no other time has Qatar been the focal point of so much consideration: When FIFA named Qatar as the host country for 2022 World Cup, the little Gulf state was launch into the spotlight. Many thought about how Qatar would adapt to arranging the World's greatest game, yet the state is more than prepared for the test.

Qatar is quickly accomplishing worldwide acknowledgment as the most alluring venture center in the Gulf and as a local head in expressions of the human experience and sports.

Qatar's story is surely an intriguing one. In a little more than sixty years, the country has gone from one of the most unfortunate Gulf states with an economy subject to pearling and angling to the wealthiest nation (per capita) on earth.

The recorded history of Qatar starts in an especially fabulous manner: In the fifth century BC Greek student of history Herodotus recognized Qatar's first occupants as Canaanite tribesmen. After this, there is little reference or physical proof to light up the state's old past. In any case, Qatar's story is in numerous regards a living history; that is the historical backdrop of the Bedouin, wanderers who traversed the land 'taking just recollections and leaving just impressions' in the desert sand. The Bedouin impact is as yet clear in all aspects of the city today from the bird of prey souq to camel hustling, to the dhow port.

In actuality, Qatar's cutting edge history is very much archived. The state has been governed by the Al-Thani family since 1850. From 1872 to the start of World War I, Qatar was under the Ottoman Empire before turning into a British protectorate in 1916. In 1971, Qatar picked up its autonomy.

Qatar's story since the finish of WWI peruses like an advanced fantasy. In 1939, oil stores were found transforming the devastated country into perhaps the most extravagant nation in the World. In any case, Qatar has decided not to depend exclusively on its oil riches yet rather to pursue a way of enhancement, improvement and training.

The administration invites outside skill and speculation to further improve Qatar's prospects. With a participatory government and a steady economy, Qatar furnishes both national and worldwide speculators with a safe home to construct their organizations.

Qatar is quickly turning into a culture and the travel industry center. The state has made significant foundation interests in the travel industry as of late incorporating into Hamad International Airport and the arranged interstate connecting Qatar to Bahrain. The advancement of the Qatar National Convention Center is certain to be a distinct advantage for the MICE part carrying with it monstrous prizes.

Most importantly, Qatar's most prominent asset is its kin. Versatile and pioneering, with a solid Islamic legacy, Qatari culture is supported by Bedouin customs of accommodation.

Qatar's future is without a doubt splendid. The coming years will be an incredible open door for the state to grandstand its numerous triumphs and to proceed with its heritage as a dynamic, flourishing and dynamic country long after the whistle has been blown on the last round of World Cup 2022.


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