For more than 10 years, Shelter Tent fze Manufacturing has been providing quality alleviation tents and shade material for building shade sails and shade structures into the business and household buyer showcase. 

Furthermore, we additionally supply PVC, Knitting and Canvas textures for the capacity tent, sun shade reason and modern texture markets. Haven Tent FZE make and supplies shade insurance spreads to shield table and wine grapes from downpour harm, plant igloo spreads to the bloom and vegetable industry, just as hostile to flying creature weaving.


  • PVC Tents
  • Labor Tents
  • Car Parking Shades
  • Rental Tents & AC
  • Tensile Shade & Structures
  • School Shades
  • Tents
  • Ramadan Tents
  • Rental Tents
  • Tensile Shades
  • Swimming Shades
  • School Shades



  • Pergola and Sails
  • Pergolas


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