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WEMCO Group of organizations have created in the field of Lifting hardware and arrangements in the Middle East for ten (10) years. WEMCO is one of the pioneers in assembling and providing of Building Maintenance Units (BMU) and Suspended Platforms (Cradles) and the majority of its embellishments and extra parts in the Middle East. Wemco likewise created Material Lifting Winches and Glass Handling Equipment.

Monorail Systems

• Floor mount (or) parapet mount

• Structurally solid rooftop section and parapets (RCC or steel) – Verify loads!

• Advisable to use through-blasting or cast-in jolts inside the solid. (Drill set up

• Park at the back of the structure

• Provide get to entryway at monorail level to expel ropes for clean stockpiling

• In an assortment of completions: regular aluminum, anodized, powder covered to RAL shading

Rooftop Trolley Systems

• Structurally solid rooftop piece and parapets (RCC or steel)

• Parked at the back of the structure or at an assigned parking structure on the rooftop.

• Can be covered up inside the structure when façade entryways are given to Moving out.


Extraordinary Accessories: Cradle Forward Luff Distance Center of support Center of rope

• Access recessed façades

• Pantograph instrument

• Manual or mechanized

• Standard structures up to 2.5mtrs.

• Special structures up to 5.5mtrs.

• The suspended burden is 3-5 times more!

• Roof machine turns out to be extremely substantial!


In the present focused period, quality is a prime factor. Quality yield from any machine relies upon the machine's encore. WE UNDERTAKE ANNUALLY AND QUARTERLY CONTRACT FOR AMC. To get encore; machine upkeep is a key factor. Support of machines with uncommon abilities. Each association might not have a particular designing upkeep group to deal with all assortment of BMU machines. BMU machine makers are the best individuals to help in keeping up these machines as complete innovation is accessible with them. So as to help our clients in getting the best throughput from the machine, we have presented the idea of Annual Maintenance Contracts for the FACADE CLEANING SYSTEM.



  • Maintenance
  • Access Control System
  • Electrical
  • Roof


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