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Since 1998, the organizers of ZKTECO CO., LTD (ZKTeco) have been taking a stab at free innovative work of biometric confirmation calculations and the productization of biometric check SDK, which was at first broadly connected in PC security and personality verification fields. With the consistent upgrade of the advancement and a lot of market applications, the group has step by step built personality confirmation biological system and shrewd security environment, which depend on biometric check procedures. With years' understanding of the industrialization of biometric confirmations, ZKTeco was formally settled in 2007 and now has been a universally driving undertaking in biometric check calling owning different licenses and being chosen as National High-tech Enterprise for 6 successive years. Its items are ensured by protected innovation rights. 

At present ZKTeco has all around 3,500 representatives with roughly 1,000 R&D staffs among them. Central command have been set up in Dongguan and Xiamen. The Dongguan headquarter possesses modernized assembling base, Xiamen Headquarters centers around the foundation of the endeavor's product advancement base and arrangement development focus.  ZKTeco has different R&D, structure and advancement focuses in Silicon Valley, Europe, South Korea, Xiamen, Dalian, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, and so on. Its business channels and administration systems are generally disseminated in the significant urban areas in China, and districts and nations in the world.ZKTeco endeavors to incorporate protected innovation rights biometric check methods, including unique mark, facial acknowledgment, finger vein, iris acknowledgment with procedures identified with the Internet, Internet of Things, huge data,cloud figuring and man-made reasoning, and offers coordinated and connected arrangements and administrations, including shrewd security,smart instruction, keen drug, brilliant account, savvy office, keen network, shrewd legal executive, shrewd building locales, savvy vacationer spots,identity validation, city hostile to fear based oppression, and Xue Liang Project to ventures, legal executive associations, governments, military units, monetary associations, establishments, building destinations, traffic, etc.


  • Visible Light Product
  • Premium Product Line
  • Time Attendance
  • Access Control
  • Entrance Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Smart Lock
  • Biometrics
  • POS System





  • Security System


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