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We Make Moving Away Stress-Free and Fun

Buildeey offers reliable moving services for anyone starting a new life. Your awesome new start shouldn’t begin with stressful packing, lost luggages, and misplaced boxes. Our packers and movers can take care of all it: packing your valued home items carefully, loading them onto our moving trucks, and transporting them safely to wherever your new home is - whether near or far away.

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Why Should You Trust Buildeey in Moving Your Stuff? We have the perfect local moving services for your big home or office move. We employ careful and skilled movers who make the troubles of packing easier. You’ve done the hard part, let us do the rest. These are the benefits that come with our services:


  • No Long Waiting Periods. We’ve got dozens of movers ready on call.

  • Safe Work Practices. Our skilled professionals take extra precautions in keeping the entire family safe (and your belongings as well)

  • Cost-Efficient Prices. The moving services we offer are both reasonable priced and professionally handled.

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Our Services Include:

Establishing a Friendly and Approachable Working Relationship.

We trained our movers to be great at accommodating the requests our clients want. After all, we value what you desire to have out of moving from one place to another.

Keeping Your Stuff Secure Till Unboxing

Our professional movers keep an excellent track record in packing items of all shapes and sizes, from your biggest furniture to your smallest piece of item, they could transport it and unbox it in the same pristine condition.

Giving You More Time For What Matters

People move for all sorts of reasons: a job, a new environment, better growth opportunities, and more. But they put it off because they refuse to undergo the stress of packing everything up in boxes. We do all of it for you. So you have more time and energy in dealing with the great new change in your life.

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Starts from AED 900/hour

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Your questions, our answers

  • Less pollutants manifest inside your home
    This means your family is kept free from disease causing bacteria, cough inducing viruses, and more. Having us to clean your entire home thoroughly keeps your family as healthy as they can be.
  • More Room For Adventures.
    A disorganized home is filled with stuff in the wrong places, and this can take up floor space. As a result, your movement is limited and you can’t buy bigger furniture you wish to have. But general cleaning solves that. We get rid of the clutter, to make room for another.
  • Clean Homes are Happy Homes.
    The happiness of your family is also at stake when you let your home go into total chaos. Who wants to come home to a cluttered mess with shoes lying everywhere and dust settling on the floor? Yikes. That’s why we do it, we offer our services to keep your smiles wider and longer.