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How much does curtain installation cost?

Most homeowners pay between $50 and $500 for hanging curtains in their house. On average, they pay around $200 per window.
The cost varies based on the fabric used, type, window, and rod. However, the total cost largely anchors on the curtain’s fabric.
  • Nylon: $10 to $50 per window, excluding installation cost
  • Polyester and Acrylic: $10 to $75
  • Voile: $20 to $100
  • Chiffon, Cotton, and Chenille:$20 to $150
  • Lace: $20 to $300
  • Bamboo and Linen: $25 to $300
  • Wool: $30 to $500
  • Velvet: $50 to $750
  • Silk: $100 to $1,500

The second biggest cost determinant is the rod type. 

  • Swing Arm, Continental, and Tension: $5 to $150 per material
  • Single Curtain Rod: $5 to $300
  • Double Curtain Rod: $10 to $350
  • Traverse: $25 to $300

Other than the factors mentioned above, here are other reasons for the price changes of fabric curtains.

  1. Types and design
  2. Curtain professional fees
  3. Shape, style, and size of the window
  4. Customization dramatically increases the cost by $250 to $2,500.

Hanging Curtains Cost Per Square Foot

Hanging curtains around your house is an easy task, but fitting the rods is a whole different issue.
In this case, hiring a professional is a must. They typically charge $15 to $50 per window or about $35 to $100 per hour.

Advantages and disadvantages of hanging curtains


  • Great in ensuring privacy
  • It keeps the room comfortable and cozy
  • Helps in controlling the room’s temperature and light 
  • It has a wide array of choices and combinations
  • Can be customized
  • Appealing and adds color


  • More expensive compared to shades and blinds.
  • They are hard to clean or wash.
  • They take a lot of space and can be overwhelming to the eyes sometimes.
  • Old-fashioned

Curtains vs. blinds

If you love to experiment and go wild with how you dress your windows, then a curtain is the right one for you.
It offers a wide range of colors, textures, designs, and styles. Moreover, it acts as a room sound insulation, as it comes in different thicknesses and sizes.
On the other hand, if you like to have more control over your room’s lighting, then go for the blinds.
Blinds allow for light control and adjustment, unlike the curtain that completely blocks out sunlight. In addition, blinds are sturdier and durable.
Maintenance, enhancement, and other additional costs
  • Curtain Cleaning: Washing your curtains with a home washing machine can damage their quality. We recommended hiring a cleaning professional, which costs around $100 to $200.
  • Layered Curtains: Also known as sheers, you could use this another layer to filter sunlight and get more privacy. On average, these curtains cost around $10 to $100 per panel.
  • Valances: This material enhances the curtain by hiding the rods and uppermost section of the window. A piece of valance is about $10 to $50.
  • Expect to pay an extra cost if you have high windows. Professionals charge higher for this kind of task as they would need additional equipment.