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Modernization and rise of Dubai’s skyscrapers, smart houses and malls are here to stay. Concrete Suppliers Abu Dhabi are in demand. Best place to look for ready mix concrete abu dhabi or abu dhabi concrete suppliers is here in Buildeey. We partner with only the Best Concrete Suppliers in UAE for years. You can definitely trust your homes and buildings on these professional companies.

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Prices Concrete and Block Products in Abu Dhabi

Factors affecting the price ranges of ready mix concrete abu dhabi

  1. Water Resistant

This is their main advantage. Ready mix concrete suppliers in abu dhabi are more water resistant than clay.

  1. Durability

Concrete blocks  does not need a periodical repair. Thus they are safer to use on constructions and buildings. Abu dhabi concrete suppliers make sure that their concrete withstands corrosion and degradation. 

  1. Size and thickness

It is known that concrete suppliers abu dhabi make their blocks thicker and bigger than clay. Thus making it a little more expensive.


Abu Dhabi Concrete and Block Suppliers - FAQ

What is the difference between a cinder block and a cement block?

A cement block is made of sand or stone, thus making it heavier. This is something abu dhabi concrete suppliers make sure. While cinder blocks cannot withstand pressure because they do not have tensile strength.

How do you waterproof concrete blocks?

Ready mix concrete suppliers in abu dhabi a use a Deep Penetrating Concrete Sealer to waterproof concrete blocks. They pour the sealer on the cement block to protect it from vapor transmission and water


What are cement blocks used for?

They are mainly used as the primary material for building and wall construction. This craft is also known as masonry 


How long do concrete blocks last?

They can last as long as 100 years! Basically a concrete block is like an artificial rock. So if it is made of top quality materials and process, it is probable to reach 100 years.