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Prices of Common Building Construction Materials Abu Dhabi

Here are  3 factors that affect the cost of building materials Abu Dhabi

  1. Labor wage rates

Materials are procured, molded and shipped by the workers. Therefore if worker wages increase, the building materials UAE costs increase.

  1. Project Schedule

There are seasons where almost everyone is rushing to get their projects done. These are usually on the dry seasons, where snow and rain cannot delay their projects. Because of these construction materials Abu Dhabi got out of stock. High demand along with low stocks, equals price increase.

  1. Quality or complexity of project plans

The more complex your building project is, the more materials you will need. Some materials may even be hard to find. Therefore having more costly building materials Abu Dhabi.


Building Materials Companies in Abu Dhabi, UAE- FAQ

What are the types of building materials?

The different types of modern building materials Abu Dhabi are: masonry, steel, concrete and wood. The materials differ in durability, weight, cost and strength. It is best to ask building materials suppliers Abu Dhabi about each material’s nmost suitable application.


What are the common building materials?

They are steel, wood, stone, glass and concrete. These materials can be bought in a building materials shop near Abu Dhabi.


What materials do builders use?

Builders use different construction material Abu Dhabi in projects. The materials used for building are: 

  • Wood - The most traditional and oldest building material

  • Brick or blocks 

  • Concrete - Most commonly used building material

  • Steel - if you are constructing a tall building, it is best to use steel.

  • Metal

  • Glass

  • Plastic

  • Stone - Beautiful but is also one of the most challenging material in construction


What are the 5 types of building construction?

There are five categories or types of building construction. These are:

  1. Wood Framed - These are the only type that have flammable exterior walls.

  2. Fire-resistive - They are easily identified by their height. Most of them are above 75ft tall, made of steel and concrete.

  3. Ordinary - Also called brick and joist structures because they have brick walls adjoined to a wooden roof. 

  4. Heavy Timber - These are made of solid wood and heavy planks for the floors.their columns, beams and girders are at least eight inches thick. This allows the building to stay stable after a fire.

  5. Non- Combustible - They provide less protection than fire resistive buildings and are more prone to collapse after a fire. These are common in newer school buildings as seen in their metal roofs and tilt slab walls.