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The Cost of Services of General Contractors in Abu Dhabi?

General contractors in dubai need to do a thorough check of the location and the project planning before doing estimations. This is to ensure there will be no surprise outrageous charges that come out during or after the project.

  1. Labor Cost - This refers to the salaries of supervisors, skilled workers, carpentry, masonry etc. 
  2. Professional Cost - This refers to the wages of the designers, engineers, consultants and other professionals.
  3. Transportation - A contractor in dubai need to factor in the transportation of bringing trucks, mixers and other materials to and from the project site.


General Contractors in Abu Dhabi - FAQ

What is the difference between a Class A and Class B contractor?

Contractor companies in Dubai have different class levels. A Class A contractor is higher than the Class B level. While Class B contractors are authorized to demolish and construct any buildings in a city up to 5 storey in height. A Class A is authorized to do the same to higher building structures.


What is a Class B general contractor?

Class B contractors in Dubai are authorized to construct, deconstruct or demolish building structures in a city under the regulation of a building code up to a 5 storey high structure. And including all work authorized by license types below Class B level.  


What Is the difference between a general contractor and a building contractor?

General contractors in dubai supervise a team of subcontractors that assist in the different construction aspects of your project. While a building contractor usually has direct employment of all workers needed in a project.


Can a Class A contractor do electrical work?

Yes they can. A fit out contractor Dubai or other general contractors can do electrical works because they are licensed to process building permits.