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Building contractors are a dime a dozen. You see many of them everywhere. But will you really trust your family’s safety to just any contractor? Or the office building you are planning to house your empire in? Of course not. It is very important to hire the best contractors in Dubai. And we at Buildeey’s  just made it easier for you. With our easy to use website and our database full of reputable professionals. You can consult any expert anytime, anywhere.

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How to beat the Prices of Services of General Contractors in Dubai, UAE without sacrificing your project?

General contractors in dubai consider different factors in the prices they offer. The more you know about these construction factors, the more you can save money.

  1. Construction Location - If your project site is far from the needed materials and equipment, then the transportation and logistics of it will cost you more. 

  2. Cost of Raw Materials - This includes taxes, production and shipping cost.

  3. Inflation - Some projects take more than two years to be completed. Therefore the cost from the time the project started is far different from the charges a contractor in dubai will collect from you by the time the project is done.


General Contractors in Dubai - FAQ

What are the responsibilities of a contractor?

They are responsible for overseeing the whole project. Contractor companies in Dubai offer manpower, engineering tools, raw materials, vehicles and machinery to be used in a project. Contractors employ specialized subcontractors to do parts of the construction work.

What are the types of contractor?

Here are the common types of contractors in Dubai:

  • Drywalling or Plastering- Subcontractors that specialize in gypsum wall installation

  • General Contractor - The manager of s building project

  • Glazing and Glass 

  • Carpenter - Often known as the wood masters

  • Iron workers - More seen on commercial buildings

  • Painter 

  • Heating and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) - Repairs and maintenance of ducts.

  • Excavator - Clearing the earth and preparing for foundation layering

  • Mason - Specializes on stone work

  • Demolition - Destroys existing structure

  • Steelworker

  • Landscaper

  • Concrete Experts

  • Floor Laying

  • Tile setters

  • Roofers

  • Fit out contractor Dubai.

What services does a construction company offer?

Most general contractors in dubai offer the common construction services below:

  1. Pre-construction Consultation and Estimation

  2. Design and Build

  3. Management of Construction Services

  4. Remodeling and Renovation

  5. Upgrades and Expansion

  6. Building Sustainability

  7. Office Fit Outs 

What can General Contractors do?

General contractors do different services in a project. Ther design, repair, organize, subcontract specialists, manage and process permits, renovate, inspect etc. They basically oversee the whole project from start to finish.