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What are the prices of Gypsum products?

This depends on the make of gypsum work. If it is made of calcium sulfate or pure gypsum with or without additives. But the usual practice is it’s in between thick sheets of facer and backer paper, in the construction of interior walls. The average cost of making gypsum ceiling for the kitchen can be around AED 3000.00 to AED 7000.00


Gypsum Board and other Gypsum Products - FAQ

What is a Gypsum product?

Technically speaking, gypsum is calcium sulfate dihydrate in the form or found in rocks. You can see them used in dentistry, medicine, homes etc.


What are the types of Gypsum?

Here are the three types of gypsum works: the first is plaster, second is the stone, and lastly is high-strength or improved stone.


What is Gypsum used for?

Gypsum can be used in the following: manufacture of wallboard or gypsum board, soil conditioning, a hardening retarder in portland cement, plaster. Some varieties of of  satin spar also known as gypsum or alabaster are different ornamental purposes


What are the 3 main forms of Gypsum?

Its three forms are plaster, stone, and high-strength or improved stone. All of them are calcium sulfate hemihydrate. They are a result of heating gypsum and driving off part of the water of crystallization.