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A well crafted wooden flooring dubai is a great asset in any household or building. It adds both aesthetic and monetary value to a property.  Our wood flooring companies dubai provide quality wood to any kind of floor design you want. Their professional work is sought after in Dubai. Wood flooring companies in UAE offer a variety of designs and materials for any kind of project. Business owners entrust their offices and homes to these trusted partners of Buildeey. For a complete guide on how to choose the best type of wood flooring for your property read this blog post: The Complete 2021 Guide to Choosing the Right Wooden Flooring

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Prices of Wood Flooring Services in Dubai

Factors affecting the price ranges of wood flooring dubai are: 

  1. Aesthetic Style and Appearance 

A floor that gives a great impression costs more than the ordinary ones. The more sleek and quality flooring dubai are, the more expensive, than the usual vinyl tiles they are.  Examples of this are marble and hardwood flooring.

  1. By Type

Hard wood like timber cost a lot more than parquet. They are very durable yet easy to maintain. Timber and hardwood increase your home property value. They are sustainable and environmentally friendly. It gives a warm, natural and very elegant look. Plus they come in various colors to fit your interior designs. Timber suppliers in Dubai are here in Buildeey. Making it easier for you to ask quotations from them anytime.

  1. Sound Insulation Quality

Flooring companies in dubai, they will tell you materials do not produce added noise when you walk on it. Some examples of good sound insulators are cork, timber and rubber


Wood Flooring Services in Dubai - FAQ

Which is the best wooden flooring?

Wood flooring companies in dubai, know the best wooden flooring. They are oak, cherry and maple flooring.


Are wood floors worth it?

Yes. Based on, ROI for hardwood floors is 70-80%. Their resale value is 2.5%. Even parquet flooring dubai adds more value to your property.  


Are wood floors high maintenance?

Not really. They are resilient and durable. The initial investment might be a little higher but it lasts for years! Unlike carpets, linoleum or laminate floors.


What is the most common wood flooring? 

Here are some of the most common wood floorings. 

  • Oak 
  • Birch
  • Maple
  • Hickory
  • Bamboo
  • American cherry
  • Ash wood
  • American walnut or Black walnut
  • Douglas Fir 
  • Pine / Eastern White pine / Southern Yellow Pine