List of Top Construction Companies in UAE

Finishing a successful construction project, whether commercial or residential takes more than just magic. It is very expensive, time consuming and can sometimes drag for years depending on the magnitude of your construction. These projects will house the daily activities of its occupants, therefore you will want to ensure their utmost safety and quality. It is common sense that you will want to source the top construction companies in uae for your construction.

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Foundation Construction Services in UAE

Constructing buildings is both science and hard labor. While there is a general procedure layout. Those on the list of top construction companies in uae can always customize their construction processes based on their distinct styles.  


General Building Construction Process

  1. Pre-contract meeting with the design team. Discussion of responsibilities, procedures, schedules, methods, sub contracts, limitations, planning and modes of communication.
  2. Demolition of listed and unlisted structures in the area.
  3. Clearing the construction site of garbage, not needed materials, machine or unnecessary equipment.
  4. Construction of temporary facilities needed by the sub contractor on the site. These are washing facilities, toilet and bath, lockers or storage, drinking water, sleeping quarters.
  5.  Setting out a.k.a. Putting into ground construction the blueprint drawings. It also means putting the foundations, center line walls, site boundaries and columns.
  6. Digging or excavation of the ground with use of backhoes or bulldozers.
  7. Installing the foundations.
  8. Constructing the frameworks of the building or house.
  9. Attaching the cladding system of the building. This include gaskets and sealants, screen, cavity barriers, insulation, fixings, membranes, flashing and brackets.
  10.  Fitting out of the building. This is done to customize the interior spaces more suitable to the activities of the buildings’ occupants.
  11.  Landscaping the exterior.


What to Look for when Hiring Construction Companies in UAE

Buildeey compiled the experts of the best construction companies in uae . This way it is easier for you to consult them. But what should you look for in choosing the best contractor among the top 10 construction companies in uae

Here are some important qualities that help you hire the best among a list of construction companies in UAE:

  1. Portfolio of success and how they handled their previous projects.
  2. Prioritizes safety. Most big construction companies in uae are more committed to safety because they are protecting their reputation.
  3. Above average risk management skills.
  4. Tenure and versatility of experience.
  5. A knowledgeable, trained, skilled and sensible team.
  6. Has access and skill in using modern equipment, machinery and technology.