Find the best Landscaping Companies in UAE

Landscaping Companies in UAE can provide a household with more than a garden set up or a pathwalk through the driveway lot. Professional Landscape Service Providers can make a home look more than a home.

These experts will provide the aesthetic look that you have always wanted for your garden or driveways. UAE offers more than just a simple knowledge on home improvements. Landscaping Experts in Dubai are often hired on Commercial Areas such as Buildings and Business Establishments. While other main regions such as Abu Dhabi which is more composed of residential spaces, Landscape Experts in Abu Dhabi tend to work on Houses.   

Landscaping also benefits the health and lifestyle of those around them. Some of the major benefits of landscaping companies in UAE provide:

  • Planting trees and grass that give cooler temperature for your home or office.
  • Increasing your property value through a high-quality landscape.
  • Improve the mental and physical health of the owners through an appealing view at home.
There are 1315 companies found in Landscape
Desert Link Landscaping LLC


  • Landscape
Is it true that you are looking for authority administrations for setting up or assembling of nurser... See More
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Panamera Landscapes LLC


  • Landscape
A modest start – in 2011, we began as youthful group of 15 individuals, who buckled down to ma... See More
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Aswat Almadinah Landscape


  • Landscape
  • Swimming Pools
  • Garden Centers & Playground Equipment
  • Shades & Pergolas
Finishing your house is a wise venture, enhancing your property. Our administrations incorporate nur... See More
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Desert Landscape

2nd Floor, Lotus Plaza Building, Behind ACE Hardwa...


  • Landscape
Desert Landscape is the area's driving scene organization and has been urgent in changing a signific... See More
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Green Glades Landscaping LLC

Green Glades Landscaping LLC - Dubai - United Arab...


  • Landscape
Green Glades is the main scene contracting and plants and scene material exchanging firm the U.A.E.... See More
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located at Shahrah-e-Faisal and Nursery Karachi.


  • Landscape
  • Swimming Pools
FURNITURE Gaming Chair Price in PakistanFurniture does not only provide us with the space to rest... See More
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Proscape LLC

6th Floor, Bldg. No. 3 Bay Square, Business Bay Du...


  • Landscape
Proscape LLC Built up on fourteenth August 2000, Proscape has turned out to be one of Dubai's head... See More
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Hortus Landscaping Works LLC

The Light Commercial Tower - Arjan-Dubailand - Dub...


  • Landscape
We offer scene plan, development and support administrations for every size undertaking and properti... See More
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Hafi Pest Control Services

70-71, 3rd Floor, Habib Chamber, Main University R...


  • Landscape
  • Swimming Pools
Hafi Pest Control ServicesOur task is Giving to Special Fumigation Services in karachi & Pest Co... See More
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Agroturf Landscaping and Gardening LLC

Agroturf Landscaping and Gardening LLC - Dubai - U...


  • Landscape
We are glad to remain that we are outfitted with probably the best gifts in this field of finishing... See More
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Different Types of Landscaping Services

  • Tree and shrub pruning/hedging

Maintining the shape, remove dry, dead or diseased leaves and help growth.

  • Spring and fall clean up

This includes grass dividing, bed edging, seasonal perennial trim down, and mulch raking.

  • Edging and mulching

Done twice a year. Its benefits are: weed minimization, root insulation, and water retention.

  • Irrigation system issues

Fixing and starting irrigation systems even in winter. A list of landscaping companies in UAE offer this service.

  • Lawn Renovation (Feed and Protect)

Five-step chemical program to protect plants from fungal issues, grubs and brown-patch.

  • General bed maintenance

Removal of dried leaves and debris, weeding, monitoring of branches, ground cover trimming.

  • Seasonal display

Adding lights, decors and flowers for the holidays. Major landscaping companies in UAE offer this service to many homeowners.

  • Leaves removal -

       Most households have the top landscaping companies in UAE, do this twice a season.

  • Lawn mowing

       This is a common service offered by landscaping companies list in UAE. It includes edging, string trimming, and hard surfaces.

How to Hire the Best Landscape Services Provider Near You

Landscaping is an important part of your family or business’ lifestyle. It should only be handled by pros.

The biggest landscaping companies in UAE are found here in Buildeey.

Tips to Hire the best landscaping companies in UAE:

  • Ask for proof of license, permits, liability insurance, and certificates

It's best to make sure the person you are talking to has complete papers

  • Look for someone with enough experience

Do this by asking about their past projects and check their client ratings.

  • Work with someone familiar with the permits and codes of your area

That gets things done faster.

  • Ask about their follow up maintenance service

Pros will give you plant care instructions and warranty on their work.

  • Get a quote or estimate

This helps you decide if they are charging correctly or not.

What are the Most Important services that Landscaping Companies offer you in the UAE?

Buildeey website collaborates with landscaping companies in UAE to offer a comprehensive suite of services that elevate outdoor spaces. We excel in creating lush through precise planting, and horticultural services, with sustainable greenery in the arid climate. We commit to extending regular landscape maintenance and preserving the beauty of these spaces through expert lawn care, pruning, and pest control, resulting in harmonious and inviting outdoor environments.

Popular ideas for how to format your Home Garden

Depending on your personal preferences, available space, and the overall you wish to achieve. Here are some popular garden formatting ideas:

  • Traditional Flower Beds: Create classic flower beds with neatly arranged rows of colorful flowers.
  • Vegetable and Herb Gardens: Grow your own vegetables and herbs in raised beds or containers.
  • Container Gardening: If you have limited space, opt for container gardening. You can plant flowers, herbs, or even small fruit trees in pots.
  • Zen Garden: Use gravel or sand, add rocks, and arrange them to represent water or islands.
  • Cottage Garden: Embrace a romantic, informal style with a cottage garden.
  • Rock Garden: Incorporate rocks, pebbles, and stones into your garden design.
  • Pollinator Garden: This garden style supports local wildlife and adds vibrancy.
  • Vertical Gardening: Utilize walls or trellises for vertical gardening, planting climbing vines.
  • Japanese Garden: Create a peaceful retreat with elements like bamboo, bonsai, water features, and carefully placed stones.
  • Fruit Orchard: Fresh fruits while also adding shade and greenery to your garden.
  • Wildlife-Friendly Garden: By including bird feeders, bird baths, and native plants that provide food and shelter.
  • Modern Minimalist Garden: Architectural plants and landscaping elements like concrete or iron.

Importance in landscaping and what are the top landscaping companies in UAE?

Importance of landscaping in UAE:

  • Aesthetic Enhancement: Providing a visual delight amidst the desert landscape.
  • Climate Control: Providing shade and reducing heat, making outdoor areas more comfortable.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Contributing to the ecological balance.
  • Property Value: Can significantly increase property value.
  • Recreation and Relaxation: Offers residents and visitors spaces for relaxation, recreation, and social gatherings.
  • Improved Air Quality: Improving overall air quality.

The Top Leading Landscaping Companies in UAE include:

  1. Desert Group: Desert Group specializes in creating sustainable and visually appealing landscapes in arid regions.
  2. Greenimagescapes: Design and installation to maintenance, catering to both residential and commercial clients.
  3. Proscape llc: Its innovative and eco-friendly landscaping solutions, including green roofs and living walls.
  4. Living Colour Landscaping: Majestic Landscaping designs and maintains high-end gardens and outdoor spaces.
  5. Green Vista LLC: Specializes in palm tree installation and maintenance, which is a significant aspect of landscaping in UAE due to its iconic palm trees.
  6. Agroturf Landscaping LLC: Expertise in thermal landscaping, designs and installs outdoor spaces that can withstand extreme temperatures.

These top landscaping companies in UAE combine horticultural knowledge, creative design, and sustainable practices to create functional landscapes in a challenging environment, contributing to the region's beauty and livability.

Find out more about landscaping companies in both Ajman and Sharjah with the Buildeey website.