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Interior Design uplifts the value of any place especially in spaces where people needs to relax, concentrate and have leisure. Places like coffee shops and hotel receiving areas always makes their customers and guests welcome with the help of it's pleasing aesthetic look.

These warm, welcoming vibe that helps to keep people to come back and just enjoy their stays are caused mostly by the place's interior designing. Which then makes commercial interior design services in UAE very in demand. The best commercial interior design companies UAE balance comfort, style, and function. They maximize buildings’ space potential and practicality.

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Different Types of Commercial Places that needs Interior Design Services

  • Office interior design

This helps create a branding impact to clients and business partners. Also brings a professional feels to employees.


  • Hotels 

Expert says Hotels only have 5 seconds to impress guests’ from the moment they enter the door. That is why Interior Designing is the key especially on luxiorious buildings.


  • Retail Store Interior Design

Interior Desining to Retail Stores helps retail shops attract more walk-in consumers and build a loyal customer base.


  • Restaurant

Every detail counts. From the pattern of the wallpaper, shape of the furniture, and utility of the tables.


  • Medical centers

Your hospital needs to make patients feel safe, confident, cared for, and less stressed. Interior Designing in Hospitals also makes it easy for patients that needs mechanical assistance such wheelchairs, etc.


  • Banks

Commercial interior design UAE focuses on color and sound to increase customer experience.


  • Educational facility

It should promote creativity and learning. Encouraging students to find new ways of solving old problems.


  • Lobbies and other public places

It should provide a positive first impression to the guests 


How to Hire the Best Interior Design Companies Near You

We know how commercial interior design can make or break your business. That is why we here at Buildeey gathered the top commercial interior design companies in the UAE to make your search easier.

How to hire the best commercial interior design companies in UAE? Read below:

  1. Start by checking their background

Ask for their portfolio and how long they are in the business. Check the client reviews and ratings. Ask for references.


2. Check if they have professional affiliations

This gives you peace of mind that they are upholding quality and ethical standards.


3. Are they easy to talk to even upon the first meeting? They need to be easy and flexible to work with. You might also have a gut feeling if the designer has good vibes.


4. How much time can the designer put on your project? We should never assume that we are the only customers of a business. That is why it is only fair to ask if the designer is handling many projects at the moment.


5. Ask for plenty of contact info. It is important that you have many ways to contact the designer. Our commercial interior design companies in UAE  can be contacted via phone, email, or message them here in Buildeey.