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The ambiance is everything the moment you walk in a place. Lighting is everything, in setting the mood for the perfect ambiance. The LED lights that merry up the holidays and brighten our lamps. The grand chandelier that fills the guests with awe as they see it in the hall. Our ceiling lights illuminate our daily cooking, working and mundane tasks. All of these lightings are essentials in our lives, and save us from being thrown back to the dark ages.

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Three Basic Types of Lighting

  1. General or Ambient lighting - This type of light illuminates the whole room, with the purpose of ensuring easy foot traffic and safety of its occupants. To achieve this, you will need a lighting fixture that gives off a uniform level of lumination in the whole room space, where the ambient light bounces off the walls lighting as much space as possible. Examples of indoor fixtures that do this are chandelier, ceiling lights mounted fixtures, LED lights.
  2. Task lighting - This is a more duty oriented because it lights the tasks someone does in a certain room space. Whether it's cooking, reading or doing work on a computer. To do this, it is required to use a brighter light on a focused point where these tasks are done. It is best to avoid harsh lights that may cast unwanted shadows. Usually, this circuitry is done by installing a single switch independent from the general lighting of the whole room. Examples of these luminous fixtures are desk lamps, pendant light, undercabinet, downlight, etc.

Accent lighting - When you want to create the desired mood or some fancy effects to a certain part of the room, then that is what we call accent lighting. This creates the impression of a bigger room, highlights an architectural feature, sculpture or a collection of objects. This lighting type is effective in a jewelry, museum or art gallery. In order to have this effect, it requires one to install three times more light on a focused point. Fixtures that are often used to achieve accent lighting are: wall-mounted fixtures, track light, etc.

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