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Don’t you just want to be treated like a king or queen by your house? Yes, you heard it right. How great will it feel when the moment you enter your door, good mild music fills your ears, the tv turns on your favorite show, the airconditioning starts filling the room with cool air and your favorite colored home lighting automation brightens the place. Sounds like only possible in the movies? It is now just a call away from the smart home automation company.

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What is a smart home?

A smart home is a house that has built-in devices, sensors that are connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), so that appliances and devices are able to be accessed or monitored remotely. Automating electrical and electrical tasks is the core technology in every Home Automation. Examples of these are light switches, sound systems, air conditioners, heater, motors or motorized valves.

Smart Home Automation

A home automation system is a technological system that combines hardware and software to manage, control and monitor devices and appliances in a modern home. It uses a technology called IoT (Internet of Things), that connects sensors and appliances together and hooks them up on the internet, to give the user a remote and more real-time access to improve the daily home interaction of the user.

Home Lighting Automation

The best home automation usually includes a good home lighting automation. Lighting automation is the profession of using lighting levels and automating its changes to affect one’s mood and action, illuminate art or emphasize the architecture. Example recreating the ambiance of a setting sun in a room.

4 Well Recommended Best Home Automation Systems 

  1. Amazon Alexa - One of the most comprehensive smart home automation systems in the market today. Alexa has more than 20,000 third-party integration and is currently part of other smart products including thermostats and tvs.  She (Alexa) can turn on Spotify, turn off your lights, close your garage, lock the doors and adjust the temperature. Check the device’s tag if it has a “Works with Amazon Alexa” to see if it's compatible
  2. Google Assistant - A winner at understanding how people naturally speak; Google Assistant is five times more likely to give a correct answer than Alexa, as based on research from Dentsu digital agency 360i.
  3. Wink Hub 2 - The great thing with Wink Hub 2 is it allows you to choose different smart product brands and interface with them easily, therefore garnering the title: “ first smart home hub designs for the mainstream consumer”. Wink Hub 2 is also good for home lighting automation as it fully integrates smart home appliances in the kitchen and other parts of the house.
  4. Samsung SmartThings Hub - Samsung system boasts of its wide variety of smart devices from different brands including smart thermostats, WIFI routers, lightbulbs and security devices. This allows the user the freedom to customize some routines like turning the lights on when you walk in.

The above mentioned best home automation systems, are but recommendations from smart home automation gadget review magazines. Best to make an appointment with your home automation company and have them take a look at your place.