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“An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”

This holds true in everything and even in UAE home maintenance service. Any simple household service a handyman can do, is part of home maintenance and repair service in UAE . The best home maintenance companies in UAE offer renovations, appliance cleaning, home repair.

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Different Types of Home Maintenance Services in UAE

  • Gas Services - Outdated LPG tanks are the number one cause of gas leaks, explosions and fires. Regular checking of pipe connections can save your property and life. Putting gas meters help keep your household safe

  • Water Services - water leaks can make your house too moist, thus a breeding ground of mold and germs. Regular checking prevents diseases and overage water bills

  • Electricity Services - Regular electrical checks prevents power outages, fires and high bills

  • Telecom Services - Refers to cable tv, internet and telecommunication maintenance. Scratchy phone lines, slow internet speed, faulty cable channels are some common problems

  • Lawn and Garden - This includes repairing of fences and landscape clearing. Ground levelling, excavation and  installation of pavements also

  • Minor household cleaning- They can clean your carpets, windows, upholstery

  • HVAC - This included regular servicing of heating and cooling equipment. Cleaning, installing and replacing filters and humidifiers; plus duct work

  • Simple House Remodeling - Small jobs like fixing the kitchen, bathrooms and floorboards

  • Painting, Plastering, Tiling - Both exteriors and interiors furnishings

  • Lights, gutters and minor roofing repairs   

  • Furniture assembly, carports and decks minor carpentry

  • Other household repairs

  • Vacation and Travel Inspections - Includes weekly checking of house exterior and interior

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How to Hire the Best Home Maintenance Services Provider Near Me

Availing the best home maintenance service in UAE should not cost you an arm and a leg. Buildeey shows you with a list of top home maintenance companies in UAE at the click of a button. But how can you know which home maintenance provider is the best for you?


5 Tips in Hiring the Right Home Maintenance Service in UAE

  1. List what you need 

Write down the skills, personality and services that you need for the task.

  1. Ask referrals 

You can ask your family, friends or neighbors who do they call for their home maintenance. Better yet, look it up here in Buildeey.

  1. Screen the possible home maintenance provider 

Ask them direct questions.

  1. Check that they have a license and insurance

Most of UAE’s leading home maintenance provider company is here in Buildeey. All you have to do is check our website to contact them.

  1. Be honest about your budget - They will work with you to ensure the price does not sacrifice quality.