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Hiring a maintenance company in Dubai gives reassurance to any resident. Making sure that any repairs and maintenance will be done in the most efficient way. Maintenance Companies in Dubai offer a variety of services. Multiple repairs are also given by our most trusted partners in Buildeey. Our partner companies offer annual contracts or special service. Our home maintenance Dubai partners can package their services. Inclusions are backup for emergency repairs and regular maintenance for the whole year. If you are also looking for Home Maintenance Companies in other parts of UAE, you can browse buildeey's network through here:

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Home Maintenance Services Near Me

What are the costs of Home Maintenance Service?

  1. Building characteristics - these are the building age, function, building area, height of building, types of structure, finish services of the building, and its construction material. Every building has their unique features that add up to the cost of maintenance
  2. Tenants - this has a great influence even on the best home maintenance companies in dubai. Residents / tenants expectations of the maintenance, use of property, vandalism by the occupant, delay and failure to report building problems by tenant and accessibility to the property to be fixed.
  3. Maintenance factor - this are divided into two main factors: the technical and the administrative factors. Technical factors affect maintenance cost like poor workmanship, poor quality of material or spare parts used. Administrative factors are poor maintenance management, budget constraint, failure to execute maintenance at right time and poor budget control.


Dubai Home Maintenance Services - FAQ

How can I maintain maintenance at home?

A good home maintenance company in dubai will advise you to create a maintenance calendar. Here you will list a small regular task to be done each weekend to avoid getting overwhelmed.


How often is house maintenance?

If we are talking about long term dubai home maintenance, house components need replacement every 15 years. But other components like hot water heater or gas a

nd electric hot water heaters normally last 10 years only.


What is maintenance service?

Home maintenance is a regular check up and tuning of home or building components. These can be HVAC, plumbing, pest control, electrical, structural, external or internal parts of a home. 


Why home maintenance is important?

Long term usage or non usage of a building and home deteriorates the structure. Thus it needs to be checked, fixed and maintained. Your safety and your family’s welfare depend alot on this. It saves you alot of unnecessary money, time and hard work.