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Getting maintenance companies in Abu dhabi give peace of mind to building owners and its occupants. They make sure repairs and maintenance will be done with the proper standard. Home maintenance services abu dhabi are our long term and trusted partners in Buildeey. They offer either annual contracts or special service. Our maintenance company in abu dhabi partners can package their services. They include backup for emergency repairs and regular maintenance for the whole year. If you are also looking for Home Maintenance Companies in other parts of UAE, you can browse buildeey's network through here:

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What are the costs of Home Maintenance Service in Abu Dhabi?

Factors that affect the cost home maintenance services in abu dhabi are: 

  1. Specifications of building - these are elements related to the physical or structural aspects of a home or office. Like the building age, function, building area, height of building, types of structure, finish services of the building, and its construction material. Every building has their unique features that add up to the cost of maintenance
  2. Technical factors - They affect your maintenance cost because they are building factors that cannot be avoided. Like poor workmanship, poor quality of material or spare parts used. 
  3. Administrative factor - these factors are poor maintenance management, budget constraint, failure to execute maintenance at right time and poor budget control.


Abu Dhabi Home Maintenance Services - FAQ

What is maintenance checklist?

Abu dhabi home maintenance usually advise homeowners to have an itemized list of needed maintenance tasks. These can also be prepared by the manufacturers or consultants.


What are the 4 types of maintenance?

There are four types of home maintenance abu dhabi. These are corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance, risk based maintenance and condition based maintenance.


How do I organize my home maintenance records?

You can organize them digitally by scanning your records and storing them in computer folders. Keep similar files together. Contractor contact information and renovation material in one folder. Home warranty plan in another. Blueprints and lay outs have their own file. Home Owners Association files are separated. Home improvements and remodeling records and receipts / invoices are separate.


What is the difference between maintenance and servicing?

Servicing can be defined as the act of performing maintenance on something. While maintenance is a regular task done to keep machines, systems or structures in functioning well.