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The daily pressures of our work have taken so much toil on us and our houses. We forget or don’t have time to clean anymore. A good cleaning service uae can do wonders for our home cleanliness.

  • Save money 

Cleaning supplies are quite expensive. Time to time its rate adds up. We hire cleaning companies uae, so don't need to stock cleaning supplies anymore.

  • Save time 

House cleaning services in UAE isn't simple. It consumes a lot of time and energy. Hiring professional cleaning companies uae gives us less trouble. It makes the job more efficient. House maids and cleaning services have a systematic way of doing things. They know the right tools to use.

  • House cleaning services in UAE clean better than you 

They have trained staff with a wide range of innovative tools and equipment for every field of work.

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Different types of cleaning services

  • Residential cleaning services 

This is the most in-demand type of cleaning services uae anywhere. A general home cleaning that includes the following. Dusting, mopping floors, vacuuming, fixtures, washing surfaces, and polishing mirrors. Book a home cleaning service with Buildeey now.


  • Commercial cleaning services 

This is beneficial in big cities where the high rise buildings and offices are many


  • Pressure and Car washing 

Most people in today's modern world are fond of cars. This service is consistent, stable, and always in demand.


  • Washing services 

This service is in-demand. Most people are too busy to do their laundry. Nowadays people work hard to pay for their laundry service.


  • Disaster and cleaning restoration 

A rewarding kind of cleaning service. This service needs empathy, along with hard work and dedication. They help clean, restore, and rebuild lives that disaster has destroyed.

How to Hire the Best Cleaning Companies Near You 

Buildeey has an extensive list of the best cleaning companies in UAE here in their website especially coming from the main cities of the country which are Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Whenever you need someone to take care of your laundry, car or house cleaning, visit our page. 


Tips on how to hire cleaning companies uae

  • Trustworthy

Do a background check. The cleaners will be inside your home or company regularly. You need to make sure that your house or building is not at risk for a possible danger.


  • Licensed and insured 

The company should be authorized and licensed to offer this kind of service. If a staff of the cleaning company is insured. You have nothing to worry about in case something might occur due to the negligence of the hired company.


  • Trained staff 

Professional house maids and cleaning services undergo proper training in doing this job. Without proper training is risky for you and them.


  • Provides cleaning supplies

The cleaning company should provide all the tools and high-quality materials needed for the job. It conserves time, money, and energy.


  • Excellent and affordable 

A cleaning company that will do the work with passion. It does not work only for money. A company with excellent service but will not rob your wallet.