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Tips for Buying Home Appliances in UAE

Appliances may not be the pillars of a home, but they sure do make our daily lives comfortable and more enjoyable. Can you imagine how your day will be without your trusted appliances? No, right? Well, the same goes for us, so we at Buildeey will let you into a secret guide to choosing the best home appliances in UAE

  1. Size and space matters.

This is one of most common things homeowners tend to overlook: the space where they will put their home and kitchen appliances. Before buying your home appliance, make sure to measure the space where you are planning to put your appliance. 

  1. Budget is everything.

It’s okay to splurge once in a while so you can see the fruits of your hard-worked labor. But when it comes to home appliance shopping, it is not worth it to fill your place with expensive appliances, only to fill your credit card with penalty surcharges for delayed payments. Be realistic and live within your means. 

  1. Know your choices.

Research on the home or kitchen appliances you want to buy in advance. Survey different stores or online shopping sites for lesser prices without sacrificing good quality. Check if there are new product updates or the latest releases of newer versions. To make your search easier, Buildeey has provided you with trusted home suppliers in UAE and even home and kitchen appliances suppliers in Dubai, UAE

  1. Get some expert advice.

Buying new home appliances may seem easy, but is a big decision that will concern your finances. It is best to talk to knowledgeable people or the ones selling the products themselves. Speak only to the salesperson who is concerned with helping you and those who are willing to share the disadvantages of getting the product, not just someone who portrays it as a super appliance that can do everything you dream of.

  1. Don’t rush.

Delaying a little more time before buying your new  home appliances might even benefit you because you may come across a sale or even used home appliances in Abu Dhabi,  UAE

  1. Ask about their delivery services.

Do they have free delivery? How soon can they do it? These are the two most important questions to ask before finally deciding to purchase your home appliance.

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Things to Ask when Buying a Home or Kitchen Appliance in UAE

When it comes to choosing the right home and kitchen appliances for your home in UAE, the most important factor you should consider is efficiency. Here are questions you should take into account when  choosing one home or kitchen appliance over another. 

  • What are you going to use the appliance for?

This question will determine what type of features you are really looking for in an appliance. Buildeey recommends making a list of your needs and highlighting important aspects like space, appliance capacity, and energy efficiency. 

  • How much can you afford and are willing to spend?

When buying home appliances, never base your decision on the item's price alone. Sometimes, no matter how cheap an item is, you will end up spending more in the long run. Be mindful of additional costs such as delivery, installation, interest, and other things. Home appliances, especially kitchen appliances consume different amounts of energy that will impact your bill. 

  • What do other people who bought the appliance say about it?

Consider getting opinions of the appliances you are going to buy by looking for reviews on forums and the website of the brand itself. 

  • Is the appliance I'm going to buy environmentally friendly?

Be wise and choose only appliances that limit their carbon footprint. Be fully aware of the appliance's recyclability information. 


Now that we’ve shared some tips and information when buying a home or kitchen appliance, it’s time to look for a good appliance supplier in UAE! We made sure to only include the best and most trusted suppliers that will help you come to a decision on what kind of appliances to buy. Browse through our list of appliance suppliers and let the appliance hunting begin