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You’ve seen the signs. Tiny powdered wood piles under your furniture. Tiny holes on your tables and wooden doors. These are early signs that you need to call the Pest Control. But once you see parts of your wooden cabinets and drawers crumbling off or becoming hollow, you need to call termite control fast.

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6 Major Methods of Pest Control

  1. Hygienic - Keeping your place clean is the core of this method. Make sure no trash or food is left lying around unkept. Put screens on the windows and doors to keep out most flying bugs and cockroach control. 
  2. Biological - This is the use of natural enemies of the pests, therefore biologically interfering with the pest's ability to reproduce. Since you are also using other organisms, insects or animals to stop the breeding of other pests; this method can go wrong as they can also turn into pests afterward.
  3. Chemical - A category of pest control services that involves using toxic or poisonous pesticides to control plant diseases, pests or overgrowth of weeds.
  4. Physical - it is the means of getting rid of insects and small rodents by killing, removing or setting up barriers that somehow prevent future destruction in one’s garden, household or commercial establishment. Examples of these are setting up traps, fire, animals that help in pest control, temperature control, etc.
  5. Fumigation - A technique that uses various chemicals called fumigants to eliminate insects and pests from homes, buildings and processed goods. All the fumigants, whether in gas, solid or liquid form; are harmful to humans and the operation is hazardous.
  6. Heat treatment - This is another method that aims to kill all life cycle stages of a pest - starting from eggs, larvae and adult insects all in one. This is also widely used in bed bug treatment and cockroach control. Heat kills and eradicates these pests by denaturing the protein in the roaches and bed bugs bodies, then disrupting the waxy layers of the insect’s outside, therefore, causing dehydration.

Pest control companies use one or a combination of some of the Pest controlmethods above. It is still best to identify what is the most compatible treatment for your family or business, and then discuss the pros and cons with the Pest Control near me.