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You’ve seen the signs. Tiny powdered wood piles under your furniture. Tiny holes on your tables and wooden doors. These are early signs that you need to call the pest control companies in UAE


Seven Benefits of Hiring an Expert for YourPest Control Problem

  1. Convenience

You will not need to spray pest control treatment all over the house. The pest control companies in uae will handle the problem for you. Hassle free.


  1. Good results 

They handle the pest control problem with definite results.


  1. Efficiency 

They have eco friendly methods to manage your pest problems.


  1. Save Money 

Early pest detection and control will prevent illness and property destruction.


  1. Trained experts 

Our pest control companies uae are all skilled professionals  with proper training


  1. Knowledgeable

Experience with a wide variety of pests helps you understand the situation better.


  1. Follow up treatments

A professional pest control uae makes sure to protect your home. They send follow up checking to ensure the problem will not reoccur.

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Different Types of Pest Control Services

Best pest control companies in uae use one or a combination of some of the pest control methods below. It is best to identify what is the most compatible treatment for your home or business. Consult with one of our pest control uae experts here in Buildeey, to stop your pest control problem.


Six Major Methods of Pest Control

  • Hygienic - Keeping your place clean is the core of this method. Make sure no trash or food is left lying around unkempt. Put screens on the windows and doors to keep out most flying bugs and cockroach control.

  • Biological -This is the use of natural enemies of the pests, thus interfering with the pest's ability to reproduce. This method can go wrong as the other organisms or insects can also turn into pests afterward.

  • Chemical - This involves using toxic pesticides to control plant diseases, pests, weeds. This is common with the best pest control services.

  • Physical - It is the killing, removing or setting up of barriers. This prevents future destruction in one’s garden, household or commercial establishment. It means setting up traps, fire, animals that help in pest control, temperature control, etc.


  • Fumigation -It uses various chemicals called fumigants to kill insects and pests . All fumigants either gas, solid or liquid form; are harmful to humans.

  • Heat treatment - This  aims to kill all life cycle stages of a pest - starting from eggs, larvae and adult insects all in one. This is also used in bed bug treatment and cockroach control. Heat eradicates  pests by denaturing the protein in the roaches and bed bugs bodies. Then disrupting the waxy layers of the insect’s outside, thus, causing dehydration


How to Hire the Best Pest Control Companies Near You

  1. Ask what services they provide.

  2. Ask what assurance they offer to make your house pest free.

  3. Know what treatment method they use.

  4. Know what follow up treatments they offer after the first application.