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Are you in the environmental management business field? Or maybe you are yet planning to take that environmental consulting career path?  An activity whose goal is to maintain and improve the state of the environmental resource that is constantly affected by human activities is the definition of environmental management. It is also the management of interactions the definition of environmental management and the impact of human activities on the natural environment. One of its aims is to ensure ecosystem services, and biodiversity, are protected and maintained for a more balanced use of our future generations. It should also maintain the ecosystem's integrity as the end in itself. Taking scientific, ethical. Ecological, scientific, economic and ethical variables into consideration.

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Before you sign that contract or start to embark on a new scientific journey of your life, let us discuss first some key aspects of environmental consulting. 

  • If you are a greenhorn in this industry, expect to be doing most if not ALL, the fieldwork. So it is best you prepare for that by being physically fit as you will be spending a lot of time outside. As you get promoted you will be doing more environmental consulting behind your desk. As you do more and more office work, you can accelerate your environmental consulting career by getting bigger projects for the company. Or you can develop a new skill set that will warrant you more work inside the office. This ensures a higher hourly rate for your environmental management work and lesser tiring field task inspection.
  • Inspecting that clients are complying with regulations like wastewater treatment and solid waste disposal. Environmental consulting is a career that provides guidance to issues relating to environmental management, risks to human health and the world around us.

There is no single undergrad school for environmental consulting. There are various backgrounds to this career: ecologists, civil engineers, hydrogeologists and anthropologists.

Well both environmental management and environmental consulting are challenging wide careers both in and out of the office. They both warrant a moral compass on the professional. And sometimes environmental consulting will give a free hand at charging per hour on clients.