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Our pest control dubai contractors guarantee quality pest eradication to any structure. These creepy crawlers are hazardous to everyone’s health thus we need to get rid of them the soonest. Pest control in dubai offers a variety of services suitable to any kind of home. Our pest control companies in dubai partners cater to package services. Included in these package services are inspection, analysis and preventive action. If you are looking for pest control experts in other parts of UAE, you can browse through our pages to find them.

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How much is Pest Control Service in Dubai

Factors affecting the price ranges of pest control services in Dubai are:

  1. Type of pesticide - Not all pesticides work at all scenarios. In some situations other pesticides require spraying, others require rubbing and others are in powder form.

  2. Size of premises - the bigger the house the more materials and labor needed. Therefore the price is higher than the cheap pest control dubai. 
  3. Frequency of treatment - is the right schedule that dubai pest control service has to choose to offer their customer to meet the client’s satisfaction. The right service schedule of the company depends on several factors like target pests, climate and customer expectations. 


Dubai Expert Pest Control Services - FAQ

What is the proper procedure for managing pests?

The best pest control in dubai have many steps to follow. That is why you need to know the 7 Steps to an Effective Pest Management Program. 1) Inspection, 2) Preventive Action, 3) Elimination, 4) Analysis, 5) Treatment Selection, 6) Monitoring, 7) Documentation


What is IPM and how is it used in pest control?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an effective and sensitive approach to pest management. It depends on the mixtue of common-sense practices used by pest control companies in Dubai. IPM programs use modern and complete information, on the life cycles of pests. And their relation with the environment.

What are the 4 methods of pest control?

1. Organic Pest Control - natural method chosen by those who want to drive away small animals and insects. This ensures the safety of their kids, pets, and plants. You may want to use bait, trap, or spray. You can add poison in your bait or insecticidal soap, oil, sprays, etc.

2. Chemical Pest Control - use of chemical products in both residential and commercial properties. These can be in a form of solid, liquid, or aerosol. Always remember that some chemical products are very dangerous for humans and other living organisms.

3. Biological - uses living organisms for controlling the bug population.  The biological pest control (or bio effector) is chemical-free and extremely beneficial, making it so famous. It is able to control insect populations, mites, etc.

4. Electronic Pest Control: These use advanced technology in flushing out home pests and removing them permanently. The methods can be electromagnetic and ultrasonic.


Does pest control spray in bedrooms?

You can sometimes request for an inside service whenever you see bugs indoors. Pest control technicians start from outside of your home. Most of the time, this is enough to discourage the bugs from coming back. They may also spray the outside porches or decks if your apartments have them.